The Heartly Difference: Exploring what sets Heartly apart from its Competitors

Comparing Heartly dog food to other leading dog food roll brands

The Heartly Difference: Exploring what sets Heartly apart from its Competitors

We’ve channeled our love, care and affection for dogs everywhere into each pawfect roll of Heartly Dog Food. Cooked low and slow, with locked-in freshness, flavour and ingredients that you and your pup can see and smell, every Heartly meal is not just a doggie meal, but a culinary and nutritional delight that will have your pooch barking for more. 

Recently, our kitchen team decided to put Heartly to the test, comparing it to a leading dog food brand, examining the key differences that set our offerings apart. Check out what we found below.

What sets Heartly apart from other dog food roll brands?

Only functional ingredients with minimal starch

Starch is a tricky thing in dog food. It’s an ingredient that doesn’t contribute anything in terms of dog nutrition but is needed in some quantity to bind other ingredients together into a solid form. Too little and things fall apart into a crumbly mess, but too much leads to a rubbery product that loses out on the flavour and nutrition our pooches love. At Heartly, we’ve used new technology and food science to reduce our recipe’s starch content to an absolute minimum, whilst bumping up prime-cut meats and whole vegetables to make up at least 75% of our products.  Cutting open a Heartly roll makes the difference obvious. Our products hold form, with a moisture content that unlocks that whole food, home-cooked flavour, and avoids the rubbery, bouncy mix seen in other dog roll products.

Let's make friends with salad

Who told the dog food industry not to make friends with salad? Even amongst premium dog food brands, we often see vegetables shunned in favour of cheap fillers and cheap meats. Dogs, whilst carnivores first, benefit from certain vegetable combinations and flavour isn’t the issue – our doggy taste tasters love the veg combo we include in every meal; 

Heartly Dog Food passes the taste test every time

Dudley, our TEO (Taste Executive Officer), noted: “a delectable combo of crunch and tang. 100% stamped with my paw of approval.”

We’ve added vegetables to bulk up our products, and our furry customer’s health, with richly sourced vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as a whole host of antioxidants that fight ageing, boost immunity and reduce cancer risk. There’s also the added benefit of better bowel movements and stronger weight management, particularly in breeds prone to a few extra pounds. 

Minimal processing

Unlike many other dog food brands in our category, Heartly likes to keep the steps involved in our recipes to a bare minimum. Compared to our competitors, you can slice into a roll of Heartly and count the ingredients! 

Heartly Dog Food - Goodness you can see

Like a chef-prepared Beef Wellington, the outer layer contains a wrap of whole vegetables and tasty ingredients like bone broth and whole oats, whilst the inner core has a continuous layer of whole meat, textured and cooked to perfection. Not to mention all that love, baked-in low and slow with every batch.

High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP) - a first in dog food manufacturing

We’ve harnessed state-of-the-art technology to avoid serving any artificial preservatives to your dog. Avoiding heat application or additives of any kind, this process combines high pressure and cold water to remove any harmful bacteria that may cause illness or premature spoiling. This means healthier meals and stronger flavours, every time. 

If you’ve ever been put off by the smell of other dog food rolls, cold pasteurization not only locks in every flavour morsel for your pooch but it also retains that real food smell that’s unique to Heartly dog food.

Enjoyable to Serve

What’s the most common feedback we hear from our customers? Our meals seem like home-cooked spreads, and smell nothing like the dog food they’ve experienced in the past. That was our aim, so every time we hear it, it puts a little smile on our faces!